Lamb Holm International Airfield

Lamb Holm is a private airstrip located on the island of Lamb Holm on the Orkney Isles. It is a PPR airfield so you need to contact the owner before deciding to land there. However, there was no problem obtaining his approval and very friendly assistance.

The airfield has two grass runways 06/24 which is 640 metres long and 15/33 which is 340 long. It is advisable to check the runway before landing or take off in order to make sure that there is no cattle or sheep. The airfield is not very busy so it is sufficient on landing to check the wind and join the appropriate circuit in the correct position and land. Of course, runway 06/24 is better due to its length.

Lamb Holm is quite close to the commercial airport of Kirkwall. It is therefore necessary to maintain communication with Kirkwall TWR during both – arrival as well as departure.